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Bloom is Green Bay + De Pere's premier luxury extension salon.  Specializing in 5 extension methods, we are able to provide our guests with a completely customized extension experience that is uniquely tailored to their individual hair and goals!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Hand-Tied Extensions and Beaded Wefts?

No difference! Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably but the term "Hand-Tied" actually refers to the type of extension hair being installed. "Beaded Wefts" is the larger extension method that Hand-Tied hair falls under.

Beaded wefts are installed by placing beads in a row around the head to create a "track." The wefts are then sewn into the track of beads creating a natural, seamless blend.

How long does the hair last?

The hair itself can last about 9-12 months with proper care.

Move-up or tightening appointments are done every 7-9 weeks.

What brand of hair do you use?

We source our hair from a number of professional brands and suppliers in order to best meet the needs of our guests and to offer a variety of of color options. All of the hair we procure is the highest quality 100% human remy hair, which means the cuticle is intact and the hair strands are completely aligned in the natural direction that they would grow from a head.

Will they damage my natural hair?

With proper at-home care, beaded wefts are not damaging. At your initial install appointment, we will show you how to care for them properly and we'll send you home with an extensions brush and all the necessary after-care products.

Can I wear my hair up?

Yes! Beaded Wefts are considered luxury extensions because they look and feel the most natural in the head far more than any other extension method. They are easy to wear up- even in those "Ariana Grande" high ponytails! Beaded Wefts stay concealed and are nearly undetectable even as they grow out.

How long does my hair have to be to qualify for Hand-Tied Extensions?

We require at least shoulder-length hair for Beaded Weft (Hand-tied) extensions. We do offer other extension methods that work well for shorter lengths or other circumstances.

Is there a lot of daily maintenance involved?

Nope! Most of our extension clients actually feel it's quite the opposite! The extension hair holds a style and a curl much longer than our natural hair which allows you to go longer in between washes with minimal upkeep in the meantime!

Brushing and oiling the ends are the top two daily care tasks you'll want to keep up with. Other than that, it's mostly being aware of certain things to do and not to do. Don't worry, we will send you home with after-care instructions with all the rest of the little details to be mindful of.

How long does the appointment take?

Initial installation appointments typically take 5 or so hours depending on which package we select. We know that's a longer appointment than you may be used to, that's why we have a variety of complimentary snacks & refreshments along with other amenities (like phone chargers + magazines) to keep you satiated and feeling comfortable while you hang with us! For appointments 5 hours or more, lunch is on us!

The length of your move-up appointment will depend on how many rows you have in and whether or not you are receiving a color service at that time as well. Move-ups without a color service typically take anywhere from 1 - 2.5 hours.



We have 3 Hand-Tied Extension packages to accommodate your individual hair goals!

Each package includes your extension hair that we custom color, a dimensional color of your natural hair, an Olaplex or Color Care Treatment with a steamed towel, a scalp massage + moisturizing deep conditioning treatment, your hand-tied hair installation, a blending cut + finished style, and your own mini photoshoot!

We also send you home with all the after-care goodies so you are set up for success the moment you step out of the salon. You'll receive our Extension After Care Guide, an extension brush, as well as a full size shampoo, conditioner and hair elixir.

All initial installation appointments require a $500 non-refundable retainer to be paid before an installation appointment can be reserved. The retainer allows us to hold the larger appointment time and to make sure we have the correct hair stocked for you. All cancellations or reschedules must be made with at least 24 hours notice. The retainer goes towards your package total and the remaining balance is due at the time of your installation appointment. The pricing shown on the packages listed below reflects the remaining balance only.



This package is ideal if you want fuller, thicker hair at your current natural length or slightly longer.

1 - 1.5 rows up to 6 wefts of 20" hand-tied hair

$450 due at install


This package is ideal if you want to add a good amount of length along with more fullness.

2 - 2.5 rows up to 12 wefts of 20" hand-tied hair:

$750 due at install

Fullness + Length

This package is ideal if you have big hair dreams or have some serious "Pinterest Worthy" hair goals. This option is for those who want the thickest, fullest, longest hair ever! This package would also be great if you have significantly shorter hair than your desired length or if you want more length and your natural hair is already very thick.

3 rows up to 16 wefts of 20" hand-tied hair:

$1200 due at install


Maintenance & Additional Services


1st Row Move-up

2nd Row Move-up

3rd Row Move-up

Mini / Half Row Move-up

Removal (if not reinstalling)

16" Hand-Tied Weft*

18" Hand-Tied Weft*

20" Hand-Tied Weft​ (standard)

22" Hand-Tied Weft*

Reinstall Placement + Cut

     (required with new hair)

*Lengths shorter or longer than 20" may have to be special ordered











Ready to start the process or want to learn more?

The consultation is where we chat all about your hair goals, go over maintenance and answer any questions you may have. We'll also color match you and provide you a personalized quote.

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